Sector expertise and growth capital for leading technology companies

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Grow Together.

Long Ridge partners with visionary entrepreneurs who are transforming financial and business technology.

Founded in 2007, Long Ridge has partnered with founders and management teams to build some of the fastest-growing companies in the financial and business technology sectors.

Through this experience, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that growth companies face in taking their businesses to the next level. We also know that success often requires new capital and strategic resources to fully realize a growing company’s full potential.

This experience and perspective has helped each of our portfolio companies achieve extraordinary results.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on teamwork and consensus. We value analytical rigor, truth-seeking, and integrity.

Our Culture
00. Our Culture


Honesty and fairness underpin everything we do. We believe that careers are long and that reputations are built over decades.

00. Our Culture

(...not condescension).

We know what we don’t know – we seek the best outcomes by tapping into the combined experience of our team members, our management partners, our advisors, and our investors.

At our firm, every team member has a voice – we value a flat organization where the best ideas win.

00. Our Culture

Nice people finish first.

Life is too short to work with jerks. We work with good people to build great businesses.

00. Our Culture

A long-term view.

We are proud of the long-term continuity of our team who have chosen to build their careers at Long Ridge – almost all of us started at the firm as junior investment professionals and worked our way up.

We approach relationships with partners in the same way – focusing on long-term value, even at the expense of short-term gain.

00. Our Culture

Balance is a good thing.

People are at their best when they have an appropriate balance of work, family time, and pursuit of outside interests. We encourage and foster that balance at both our firm and our portfolio companies.