Broadway Technology Acquires Barracuda FX and Bolsters Senior FX Team

April 3, 2019

Long Ridge is pleased to announce that our portfolio company, Broadway Technology, has acquired Barracuda FX, a global provider of FX order management technology. With this acquisition, Broadway will continue to expand its product suite and deliver its multi-asset solutions across more parts of the investment lifecycle while allowing clients to automate additional workflows.

Barracuda FX customers will benefit from Broadway’s 15-year pedigree as the solution of choice that handles trillions of dollars of fixed-income and foreign exchange trading for many of the world’s largest financial institutions. The combined client base of the companies now includes 50% of the top global 50 banks.

In addition to their continued leadership of Barracuda, Kieran Fitzpatrick, CEO, and Maurice Curran, COO, will assume leadership roles at Broadway as Head of FX and Head of FX Operations, respectively. This management expansion enables Broadway to continue leading innovation in both FX and Fixed Income on our unified multi-asset platform, while focusing on each segment as its own distinct market with unique structures, business needs, and customer demands.

Long Ridge is pleased to have supported Broadway Technology in this acquisition.

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